What Does a Commercial Tree Services Provider Do?

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Besides being indispensable for the environment, trees are also a landscaping staple for Utah homeowners. Nothing makes your home stand out like a gracefully planted row of lush green trees. Plus, trees provide cooling shade in the summer, prevent soil erosion, and even help reduce your HVAC costs.

However, growing healthy and attractive trees involves a lot more than simply picking up a few saplings from the local nursery and planting them. You need to think long-term, i.e., choosing the right planting locations to help them thrive, preventing diseases and decay, removing unwanted/dangerous branches, and so on.

In other words, it takes a lot of effort. This is where hiring residential and commercial tree services comes into the picture.

Let’s see what professional tree care services can do for you.

What Does a Commercial Tree Services Provider Do?

A professional tree services company in Utah will be in a great position to give your yard the stunning look it deserves. Usually, they will provide you with the following services.

1. Tree Trimming And Pruning

Preventive care helps improve the health and longevity of your trees. As a result, they can grow stronger and last longer. Preventive care begins as soon as you plant the sampling and continues throughout the tree’s life. It often involves two critical tasks – tree trimming and pruning.

a) Trimming

Tree trimming promotes healthy growth. But it also improves the appearance of a tree, which is the primary reason for trimming. Better appearance not only enhances your curb appeal but also increases property value. Well-maintained trees can increase the value of a property by up to 20%.

Most people think they can trim their own trees in Utah. However, it is not as straightforward a task as removing a branch you don’t like. For example, sometimes trimming may not be the best solution. Moreover, different trees have different trimming needs. 

As this is an elaborate job, calling professional Utah tree trimming services is always a good idea. They will know if, when, and how much trimming your trees need.

b) Pruning

Pruning is also a critical plant health regime, especially for fruit trees. The process involves removing undesirable or dead branches. It ensures fruit trees can keep producing each season.

But, pruning may sometimes involve removing dead or unnecessary roots as well. Without timely pruning, your trees could suffer serious health issues or damage.

Like tree trimming, pruning too requires knowledge and skill. Professional pruning services can help you save a whole lot of trouble. Most importantly, they can ensure a healthy future for your trees.

2. Identify And Treat Sick Trees

Identifying and treating sick trees is extremely important to protect your trees. If one of your trees catches pest, it can consume your entire garden in a matter of days, if not weeks. 

The resulting damage is quite extensive and expensive. The annual damage and management costs associated with invasive species and pest control in the US are more than $138 billion

Unfortunately, identifying invasive pests, species, and diseases is easier said than done, especially for people with little or no agricultural knowledge. But, a professional can make things a lot easier. 

Firstly, commercial tree care services will help you identify and prevent the spread of the prevalent pests in your area. They can also help you identify the signs infected trees show. Secondly, they can provide you with timely action and advice, helping you protect your trees from further damage.

3. Tree Removal Service

Dead, damaged, or overgrown trees are often a safety hazard. A damaged or weakened tree could fall on your roof, costing you thousands of dollars in repair. Worse still, it could injure people. To avoid this, you may have to cut it down.

As you may already know, tree removal often requires commercial-grade equipment and handling skills. Furthermore, you may need to observe some federal and local forest laws, among other things. Certified Utah tree removal experts know these laws like the back of their hands.

They will work safely and efficiently to remove a tree and level the ground. You needn’t worry about an accident or property damage when working with pros.

4. Stump Removal And Tree Stump Grinding

When you cut down a tree, you are left with a tree stump. Tree stumps are not only an eye sore but also a safety hazard. Children can tip over them, resulting in bruises and cuts. They may also become a breeding ground for termites and other pests. Moreover, they can prevent neighboring trees from getting enough nutrition.

You can have a stump removed by a professional. Most tree removal service companies remove:

  • A stump right after cutting down a tree.
  • An old stump that’s been around for a while.

A certified tree stump removal service will restore your landscape once the stump is removed. They also have tree stump grinding equipment, which helps in the systematic removal of a stump from beneath the soil. That, in turn, prevents surrounding trees and shrubs from potential damage down the line.

5. Plan Where To Plant Trees  

Many residential and commercial tree services consult property owners for planting trees. Depending on your location, property size, budget, and any other needs, they can help you choose the best trees for planting.

Being experts, they often know which trees:

  • Provide better shade during summer.
  • Last longer with minimal care.
  • Are pest and termite resistant?
  • Can improve your curb appeal efficiently.  
  • Can thrive in which location.
  • Need more care and when they need it.

6. Yard Cleanup

If you want to keep your yard and garden healthy, you need to clean them regularly. Especially, removing fall debris like leaves, twigs, and other yard waste is absolutely necessary. This waste often attracts pests like mice, spiders, bugs, fungus, etc.

Many tree care services also clean up yards. Saving your time and efforts is arguably the foremost benefit of hiring a professional yard cleaning crew. However, these companies have years of experience in yard cleanup and care.

As a result, they can identify and prevent potential landscaping issues in their tracks. Plus, given the equipment costs and time involved in cleaning your yard, hiring professionals is more cost-effective.

In Conclusion

Trees improve your curb appeal and also bring a host of other benefits. But, they require preventive maintenance and care right out the gate. That’s where commercial tree services come in. No matter how small your tree care needs are, hiring a professional will ensure high-quality and long-lasting results.

If you are looking for tree care services in Utah, we would be happy to help. Equipped with the right skills and tools, our outdoors experts can help you every step of the way. Call us at (801) 386-2405 or fill out our secure online contact form to get a free bid.