Should You Trim Your Own Trees Utah?

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Should you trim your own trees utah

Trimming your own trees in Utah should be pretty easy, right? Well, not necessarily. For some, trimming trees just means cutting off some of the branches you don’t like or think are unhealthy. Some trimming is indeed relatively straightforward, but not all of it is. You can make mistakes that can be difficult or impossible to reverse.

Trim Your Own Trees? Talk to a Pro

There are multiple reasons to be careful about trimming your own trees, including:

1. Different trees have different trimming needs.

Some trees grow so fast you can barely keep up. Other trees grow very slowly. When planning how you are going to trim a tree, you need to be aware of its growth patterns. It’s kind of like a game of chess where you try to think more than one move ahead. If you cut here, what will happen in the next few days, weeks, or months?

A pro is going to be much better at predicting what will happen next.

2. Sometimes you shouldn’t trim.

Is your tree under a lot of stress – such as during a drought. Is it sick with something? Do you know what kind of sickness it is? There are times when trimming can put too much strain on a tree. In fact, it’s possible to trim at the wrong time and go overboard and hurt or kill a tree.

3. What kind of outcome do you want?

Have you seen how some trees are trimmed to avoid touching power lines? Instead of chopping the tree down, the owner chooses to keep it alive. But that requires planning on how to keep the tree healthy without hitting the power line. To achieve that outcome, professional tree trimmers are employed to make a plan and execute that plan. Not just anyone can shape a tree around such a big obstacle.

A pro can help you plan what kind of outcome you want with your tree. Even if you want to do the trimming yourself, it’s good to get a second opinion when you want something specific.

4. Tree trimming can be hazardous work.

Tree trimming tools can cut people more easily than they cut trees. Falls from even a few feet off of the ground can break bones and cause head injuries. There are definite hazards to tree trimming that you need to be careful of. Pros have the training and equipment to avoid those hazards.

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