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We have the knowledge, experience, and passion for tree trimming and removal throughout Northern Utah.

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Tree Trimming Service

We have the knowledge, experience, and passion for tree trimming and removal. And sometimes we trim our beards.

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Tree Co. Tree Trimming

Tree Co. serves from Ogden to Provo and Park City

Tree Trimming
Services for Utah

There are a variety of great trimming tips and techniques that can help keep your trees in excellent shape.

With the right knowledge and equipment, Utah's Tree Co. can trim your trees as necessary to maintain their appearance and health.

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Tree Trimming Advice

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Mature Tree Trimming

Mature trees should only be trimmed for specific purposes and in a manner that protects and preserves the tree's natural form. Trimming should focus on maintaining tree structure, shape, health, and safety.
  • Crown cleaning--removes dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, or low-vigor branches and water sprouts.
  • Crown thinning--selectively removes branches to increase light penetration and air movement and reduce the weight of heavy limbs.
  • Crown raising--removes lower branches to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and signs.
  • Crown reduction--reduces the size and spread of crowns using reduction and thinning cuts, resulting in fewer sprouts than heading or stub cuts, and maintaining the structural integrity and natural form of the tree
  • Crown restoration--improves the structure and appearance of trees that have been storm-damaged or deformed by heading or stub cuts.
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Tree Removal

Tree removal is a hazardous task. Trees often grow in confined spaces where removal requires expertise to safely perform the job. Tree Removal Co.’s crews have the training and experience to provide a safe and efficient removal of your tree.
  • Lower branches interfere with people or vehicles, or block visibility of signs
  • Branches are dead, dying, decayed, or hazardous
  • Bower branches interfere with people or vehicles, or block visibility of signs
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Use a Qualified Tree Specialist

Many tree removals are complex and mistakes are costly, ensure you choose a qualified tree specialist. Once a tree removal is complete we will provide a thorough cleanup of the debris, and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding trees and plants.
  • Branches are growing into buildings or utility wires
  • Limbs have been broken by storms
  • Trees have grown too large and might injure people or damage property
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Tree Co's Tree Trimming Guide

The graphic provided below helps identify problem area and branches, and how to cut branches properly.
Landscape Tree Pruning Graphic
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