Milling and Why It’s Important That We Reuse the Tree Waste

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Milled White Ash

Milling refers to the process of using a specialized tool to cut away wood in a rotary motion. Usually, a saw is used to mill wood. This can be done during tree stump removal, when your stump removal services expert will cut timber into various lengths of lumber, planks, or other wood items. Earlier, mills were powered through any available … Read More

We Offer Log Milling

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Milled White Ash

At Utah Tree Co., we help clients with tree removal in Provo, stump removal in Orem, and other tree services across the surrounding towns and counties. With all that tree removal work, we pick up a lot of quality wood materials. Instead of just discarding them, we try to recycle and reuse them as best we can. One of the ways we … Read More