Tree Trimming Dos and Don’ts That You Should Be Aware Of

Tree Trimming Dos and Don’ts

Tree trimming and pruning is a big part of a property owner’s life. However, not everyone is aware of the proper trimming and pruning methods.  The fact is, tree trimming isn’t as simple as it seems and requires the expertise of a licensed commercial tree servicesprovider. Learning about the right tree trimming and pruning techniques can take years. This is why hiring tree care services can … Read More

Learn How to Protect Your Trees in the Winter Season

Salt Lake tree trimming

With winter almost upon us, homeowners in Utah need to start thinking about protecting their trees, shrubs from damage inflicted by wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. After all, you don’t want these elements to hurt or kill your foliage, leaving your backyard looking bare in spring! Of course, removing snow can help protect your trees and plants, but you can … Read More

Tree Trimming Protect Property in Snowstorms

Free Trimming Protect Property in Snowstorms

Every year, we get calls from clients who have discovered that their trees were not ready for winter storms. Heavy snows break branches, which then fall on cars, homes, and other property. A lot of this damage is preventable using proper tree trimming techniques. Protect Your Property – Tree Trimming Before the Storm Utah homeowners know that the snow here … Read More

Is Winter Tree Trimming in Utah Recommended?

Is Winter Tree Trimming in Utah Recommended

Many clients as us if winter tree trimming in Utah is recommended. We always answer, “Yes!” Winter is a great time to trim your trees for multiple reasons. Check out the different benefits of tree trimming in winter below. Winter Tree Trimming in Utah – Should You Do It? There are several reasons why we like to trim trees in … Read More

Tree Trimming in Sandy, Utah – Must-Read Tips for Fall

Tree trimming in sandy utah must read tips for fall

Fall seems like the perfect time for trimming trees. You are already cutting back the plants in your yard as they die off and generally tidying up. Why not take the trimmers to the trees as well? Unfortunately, trimming in the fall can be a problem. Our company has offered tree trimming in Sandy, UT, for years, and we can … Read More

Summer Tree Care vs Fall Tree Care in Utah

Summer tree care vs fall tree care in utah

Summer in our state is a lot different than the fall – as anyone who has lived here for long can tell you. Summer can hit hard with the heat, while fall can quickly get frigidly cold and uncomfortable. Summer tree care and fall tree care in Utah require different approaches due to the differences in temperature and moisture. Here … Read More

Should You Trim Your Own Trees Utah?

Should you trim your own trees utah

Trimming your own trees in Utah should be pretty easy, right? Well, not necessarily. For some, trimming trees just means cutting off some of the branches you don’t like or think are unhealthy. Some trimming is indeed relatively straightforward, but not all of it is. You can make mistakes that can be difficult or impossible to reverse. Trim Your Own … Read More

Difference Between Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Utah

For the average homeowner, it’s normal to assume that pruning trees and trimming trees are the same things. But the truth is, there are some key differences. When you are looking for services like tree pruning and tree trimming in Utah, it can be helpful to know the difference between the two. Tree Pruning Vs Tree Trimming in Utah Tree … Read More

Importance of Mulching Trees in Fall

Importance of mulching trees in fall

Mulching trees is one of the easiest things you can do to protect them and keep them healthy. While there are certain rules you want to try and follow with mulching, it’s relatively easy for anyone to do. And we think it is especially useful when fall comes around – or even better, before fall, so it really gets a … Read More

Protecting Trees in Summer – What to Know

Learn about protecting trees in summer in Utah.

If you have lived in Utah for long, you know how hot and dry the summer can often be. That heat and lack of moisture can be tough on trees, even well-established trees. At Tree Co. we specialize in helping Utah homeowners protect their trees in all seasons – including summer. If you want to know more about protecting trees … Read More