How to Protect Your Trees from High Winds

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Enhancing your property’s allure through tree planting is, without a doubt, a wonderful idea. Yet, the unpredictable weather, especially the high winds in Utah, can pose a challenge to their vitality and sustenance. The struggle is particularly real for young trees. While we cannot tame Mother Nature, the tree care experts at Utah Tree Co. can help safeguard your foliage. … Read More

How Rainstorms Affect Tree Trimming

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As we head into summer storm territory, Utah’s trees are especially vulnerable to storm damage after the extreme heat.  Can you prevent these acts of God? No. Can you prepare your trees to be more resilient to them? Absolutely! Storms aside, the rainy season also brings a lot of moisture and strong winds that can cause the trees to lose … Read More

Understanding What Influences the Tree Removal Cost in Utah

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Trees provide us with shade and oxygen. And in Urban areas, trees help reduce pollutants and lower temperatures during the summer. Research also shows that trees in U.S. urban and community areas can reduce residential energy use by an average of 7.2%, which equates to annual national savings of $7.8 billion. As important as trees are, you may sometimes need to remove … Read More

Summer Trimming Do’s and Don’ts: Maintaining Tree Health and Shape

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In summertime most gardeners are ready to enjoy the results of their year-long labor. There’s nothing like sitting under your large, shady tree, watching your shrubs thrive in the growing season. That’s until you look up and notice a few precarious branches just waiting to tear off in a strong wind. When trees are overgrown, damaged, or not looking their … Read More

Spring Tree Removal: Enhancing Your Property’s Safety and Appearance

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Homeowners usually think that adding more greens is a great way to spruce up their outdoor living space. However, you may also want to consider spring tree removal as a way to revamp your property’s exterior area.  Think about it – removing certain trees can not only help improve the airflow around your home, but also free up space for … Read More

How Tree Trimming Saves You Money on Storm Damage Repairs

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As a Utah resident, you’re probably no stranger to devastating seasonal storms as well as unseasonal hurricanes. If you’re a homeowner with trees in your backyard, you should be concerned about their care and your house’s safety. After all, both are directly connected.  As a professional tree trimming company, we often come across homeowners who underestimate the importance of tree … Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Tree Trimming Using Port a Wrap

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Trees offer incredible benefits to homeowners. For starters, a lush green tree line adds more curb appeal to your property. This can help boost your property value. But most importantly, trees provide shade, which can help lower your energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, carefully positioned trees can reduce a household’s energy consumption for heating and cooling by … Read More

6 Spring Tree Care Tips for a Green Yard

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Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to get your trees ready for the warmer weather. After all, your yard might need some TLC following the ravages of winter.  Proper tree spring care is essential because:  So, what are you waiting for? Get out your pruning shears and follow these six spring tree care tips to ensure your … Read More