Summer Tree Care vs Fall Tree Care in Utah

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Summer tree care vs fall tree care in utah

Summer in our state is a lot different than the fall – as anyone who has lived here for long can tell you. Summer can hit hard with the heat, while fall can quickly get frigidly cold and uncomfortable. Summer tree care and fall tree care in Utah require different approaches due to the differences in temperature and moisture. Here are some key differences to keep in mind.

Tree Care in Utah – Summer vs Fall

Summer Tree Care

Some of the biggest priorities in summer include:

  1. Keep trees watered. Summer can be extremely dry in Utah. There are some exceptions from time to time, but overall you have to assume your trees are going to need extra water over the summer.
  2. Water in the early morning or late evening. Since the sun is baking the ground during the summer, it will tend to evaporate the water you try to give to your trees. It’s best to water when the sun is at its weakest, either in the morning or the evening, so most of the water gets into the ground.
  3. Planting trees can work, but you need to keep them watered. Some people worry that planting in the summer is a recipe for disaster, but it can work. You just need to make sure you keep the tree well-watered.

Fall Tree Care

Some of the major priorities in fall are:

  1. Fertilize trees to prep them for the winter. Now is a good time to give your trees plenty of nutrients with fertilizer. The summer and the winter are hard on trees, so fertilizing in fall gives them a chance to stock up on nutrients.
  2. Water them well in fall to prepare for winter. Fall is also an important time to water because it ensures your trees are prepared for winter. The frozen ground and dormant nature of trees in winter can make getting them water more challenging.
  3. Planting trees is ideal in fall. Summer can be challenging for planting, but fall can be much more forgiving. The trees can get set for the upcoming winter and then blossom fully in the following spring.

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