Tree Removal with a Crane: Everything You Need to Know

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Trees provide shade, boost your overall curb appeal, and may also lower your energy bills. But sometimes, tree removal is a necessary task. After all, you don’t want a damaged tree to fall on your roof or car. The general rule of thumb is that you cannot restore a tree if it is more than 50% damaged. But tree removal can be dangerous and time-consuming.

That’s where tree removal with a crane comes in.

When it comes to professional Utah tree removal, crane-assisted removal is the safest and most efficient option. Cranes allow you to access and remove trees that would be impossible to reach with traditional methods. Plus, it can help prevent damage to property and injury to workers.

But before you call a tree removal service with a crane, you should know a few things.

Let’s get started.

Why Choose Tree Removal with Crane?

More often than not, choosing tree removal with a crane makes sense. In many situations, it is the best alternative to traditional tree-cutting methods. Let’s check out a few benefits of using a crane for removing a tree.

1. Safety

As mentioned before, tree removal is a dangerous job. If your Utah tree removal goes wrong or someone makes a mistake, it could result in severe injuries, property damage, or worse. Fortunately, cranes allow experts (arborists) to remove trees safely, especially when a tree is not structurally sound.

Traditional methods usually involve climbing a tree. But climbing a tree weakened by storm damage, pest infestations, or disease is unsafe. They can fail unexpectedly, putting the climbers and the supporting ground crew at risk. However, tree removal with a crane will ensure safety in potentially hazardous situations.

2. Accessibility

Another advantage of tree removal with a crane is the improved accessibility. As a homeowner, you probably know that not all trees in your backyard are easily accessible. But hiring a tree removal service with a crane allows you to access and remove trees that would be impossible to reach with traditional methods.

For trees located in hard-to-reach areas, felling is usually not an option. Instead, you have to chop it down limb by limb. That’s why using a crane can help. With crane-assisted removal, you can cut each branch and move it to the drop zone. The ground crew can chop large branches into smaller pieces for easy transport. And you can run smaller branches and twigs through a wood chipper to use them as mulch.

3. Precision

As mentioned in the previous point, tree removal is a step-by-step process. It rarely involves felling a tree. Instead, you can start from the top and work your way down as you chop down each branch. This is a much more efficient way to remove a tree.

But this precision also means your property is more likely to remain safe during the removal. The professional tree removal services in Utah you hire will remove each limb safely and carry it to the drop zone, keeping your possessions safe.

4. Speed

Yes, that’s another advantage of tree removal with a crane. Crane-assisted removal is often faster than traditional methods. This is a no-brainer. First of all, there is no need to climb the tree. Plus, your Utah tree removal expert will use modern equipment to speed up the process.

As a result, you can remove even the tallest trees in a few hours. Of course, the timeline will change depending on the condition and location of the tree. But given the precision, it is still one of the fastest and most efficient tree removal techniques.

When Should You Choose Tree Removal with A Crane

While crane-assisted tree removal is more efficient, it may not always be the right option. If the tree you want to remove is easily accessible, short, and healthy, you can try the traditional method. Usually, trees taller than 30 ft will require a crane.

Also, the tree removal services in Utah you want to hire should have the necessary training, skills, certifications, and insurance, among other things. This is necessary to ensure safe tree removal. It’s best to speak with more than one tree removal company. Plus, you should understand their process before signing them up for the job.

It is difficult to say if your Utah tree removal requires a crane, certainly not without a thorough inspection. But usually, the following circumstances may warrant a crane-assisted tree removal.

  • Tall and large trees
  • Decaying and dying trees
  • Trees adjacent to power lines
  • Damaged and dead trees
  • Trees located in hard-to-reach areas

Understanding The Cost of Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

There is a myth that crane-assisted tree removal is prohibitively expensive. But that’s far from the truth. The cost of tree removal using a crane is comparable to a traditional method. In some cases, it can be slightly higher. But the factor affecting the average tree removal with a crane cost isn’t the equipment itself.

It often involves the following factors:

  • Location: As you can imagine, removing trees in hard-to-reach areas will require more time and due diligence. Similarly, trees near power lines or your house will need careful planning before removal. Naturally, this will increase your cost.
  • Height/Size: Height or size is also a critical factor. As you may know, large or tall trees have more limbs or branches. So, your Utah tree removal expert will need more time and resources to chop them down. In short, the cost would increase.  
  • Tree Condition: The condition of your tree is also equally important. The cost of removing a dead or decaying tree increases if they are leaning on a building or house. And if your tree has already fallen, the cost may go down.   
  • Species: Hardwood tree species like Oaks have thick branches. You need more time to remove hardwood trees like these. On the other hand, you can remove softwood trees relatively easily and quickly. That’s why your Utah tree removal expert will charge you based on the species.    

According to the Home Guide, the average tree removal cost can range from $150 to $2000. But you should speak with your tree removal services in Utah first. Most companies offer a detailed estimate to help you understand the overall cost. Be sure to check it before hiring a contractor.

Why Hire a Professional for Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services in Utah

Although crane-assisted tree removal is safe, it does come with a few inherent risks. If the crew is not trained and they fail to balance and stabilize the crane properly, it can lead to fatal accidents. The bottom line is – handling a tree removal crane requires knowledge and training. This isn’t a DIY job.

This also means you will need an experienced and trained Utah tree removal company to remove your tree safely. Also, check insurance, permits, training certificates, and other important documentation before hiring a contractor. It’s best to hire someone who has carried out jobs similar to yours.

In Conclusion

Sometimes, you will need to remove a tree from your property. And when doing that, crane-assisted tree removal can be your best option. It is a fast, reliable, safe, and precise way to bring down a hazardous, damaged, or inaccessible tree. Hopefully, learning about crane-assisted tree removal will help you understand why it is an excellent option and make an informed decision about your tree removal.

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