6 Tips to Help Keep Your Trees Disease-Free

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Utah homeowners love having lush, green trees in their yard. Healthy trees not only add beauty to an outdoor area, they also provide shade, oxygen, food, among other things.  

However, anyone with a yard will agree that keeping trees healthy is no mean task. It requires timely and foolproof preventive measures.

As an experienced tree service company, we know that trees can easily get infested with insects/pests, and eventually experience disease and decay. Addressing these issues in the early stages is crucial to ensuring your trees’ good health, regardless of the season.

It’s always a good idea to thwart disease and pest infestation before they wreak havoc rather than spend time and money on finding a solution later on.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you should engage a proven tree service company in Utah to obtain the best results. With their help, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of an impressive and safe yard.

6 Steps to Take for Keeping Your Trees in Good Health

Read on to know about the steps to take so your trees radiate good health and remain free of diseases.

1. Regular Checkups

Regular inspections and checkups are essential to prevent tree diseases. So, make some time on a daily basis and examine your trees. Look for signs of pest infestation as it’s easier to contain this problem before it spreads on to other plants and shrubs. Timely monitoring and quick action can mean the difference between a healthy and a diseased tree.

For instance, watch out for the presence of the mountain pine beetle, which is found more commonly than you think, especially in the winter season. If you notice any “pitch tubes” on your tree’s trunk, cut a piece of the bark and check for discoloration of the wood.

A bluish-gray color indicates infection and the presence of these insects, and may also necessitate a complete tree removal by a tree service company. Cutting down the tree will help avoid the spread to neighboring trees, saving them from damage and disease.

2. Pay Attention to Details

Paying attention to the smallest details of maintaining good tree health can make a huge difference. Preventive activities such as keeping an eye on the plant beds and their surroundings and ensuring that they’re kept clean can considerably reduce the risk of pest infestation.

Also, make sure to rotate annual plants every year while getting rid of dead leaves and clippings. Following the usual routine such as watering them sufficiently and ensuring ample exposure to sunlight will also go a long way. Further, planting your trees in the right seasons will help you avoid pest attacks at certain times of the year.

You can consult with a tree removal company in Utah to know about planting the right trees as per Utah’s climate.

3. Ensure Proper Pruning Practices

Regular tree trimming and pruning are a must to ensure proper air circulation as it helps keep the foliage dry and hence, free from fungal infections. This is especially important after the rain or even the morning dew. The better the air circulation, the faster the tree will dry.

If you don’t know how to prune trees, leave the job to tree trimming services providers instead of attempting a DIY as going wrong here can make your trees more vulnerable to diseases. A common mistake that DIYers make involves making a flush cut against the trunk, destroying the tree’s natural defense mechanism. This can also make it difficult for the tree to heal from the cut.

Also, if you chop off the branch right next to the trunk, the incision will serve as an entryway for pests to attack the tree, inviting disease and decay.   

4. Consider Planting Pest-Resistant Foliage

Thanks to advancing science and technology, you can make your yard beautiful and resilient by planting pest-resistant plants. If you know fully well that the tree you want to plant is particularly prone to pest infestation and decay, opt for the pest-resistant variety instead.  

These kinds of trees are stronger and require less care-taking than their non-resistant counterparts. If you need help picking the variety you want to plant in your yard, a professional tree services company can help you make the right decisions.

5. Understand What Trees Need (and When)

Young trees and shrubs can be highly prone to pest infestation. If this happens, avoid treating them with chemical-laden insecticides and pesticides. It’s the last thing they need. Instead, explore milder and more eco-friendly alternatives.

A lot of homeowners use tree-friendly insects to keep harmful pests away. These include ladybugs, praying mantis, ground beetles, lacewings, braconid wasps, and other insects that prey on pests that infest your plants. They’re an effective substitute to the chemical solutions that can potentially ruin your foliage.

Ideally, pesticides should be the last resort to control any pest issue in your trees. Before using them, call a tree services company in Utah for professional guidance on how you can remove pests and treat diseased trees.

Even when it comes to fertilizer use, don’t assume that your trees need it only on an annual basis. Growing trees may need frequent fertilizing until they’ve fully matured. Similarly, developed trees may not need it at all. Ideally, you should use fertilizers only if the tree is growing poorly or has yellowing leaves. You can have a tree services company perform a soil test to find out which nutrients are lacking.

6. Safeguard Roots and Trunk

A huge aspect of growing healthy trees is protecting their roots and trunk. For example, in many households, cars tend to drive over the root areas of trees or heavy equipment is placed on them. This should not happen as they compact soil and reduce available oxygen, which can destroy the roots.

Also, you should never add or remove soil from under tree canopies without consulting a certified tree services company. Changing soil grades can adversely impact the roots, weakening the tree and leaving it more susceptible to diseases.

Apart from the roots, you need to safeguard the trunk. Make sure you never hit your trees with lawn mowers or spray them with weed-eaters as that can damage the bark and trunk. Your tree will turn into a structurally-compromised breeding ground for insects, pests, and diseases.

If you have young trees, protect them with plastic wraps designed specially to safeguard their trunks. You can also maintain a couple-feet wide grass-free, mulched ring around the tree.

Wrapping Up

Trees are an integral part of an outdoor landscape. They provide shade and cooling, boost property value, reduce soil erosion, decrease air pollution – all while adding beauty and a sense of calm to our daily lives.

Due to their peaceful and non-demanding nature, they can be forgotten in the background. But it’s important to remember that trees need proper care to thrive. Regular preventative maintenance is key to their health and vibrancy. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips have helped you understand how to care for them.

If you’re looking for a professional tree company to keep your trees and shrubs in top condition, Utah Tree Co. is exactly what you need. From tree trimming and pruning to stump grinding and removal, our experts are trained, licensed, insured, and certified to perform all tree-related jobs. Contact us to know more about our tree services.