6 Signs Its Time to Cut Down Your Tree

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Everyone loves having trees around their house. Trees are a natural resource that adds beauty to your lawn and provides shade, fresh air, and a cool breeze in hot Utah summers. Trees in your backyard can also help you reduce your energy bills. Research shows that only 17% shade over your house during the day translates to a savings of 10 dollars … Read More

Tree Removal Services: 6 Ways Unwanted Trees Can Damage Your Property

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Who doesn’t love having trees on their property? They’re an integral part of our environment, a major source of oxygen, and suppliers of much-needed shade during our hot Utah summers. However, trees can also become nuisances if they aren’t planted properly. In fact, they can gravely damage homes and other structures if planted too close to the buildings. Removing these … Read More

5 Tried and Tested Methods for Removing Tree Stumps

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In Utah, summers are usually hot and dry. So, planting trees on your Utah property comes with many benefits. They provide shade, lower the temperature, reduce air-conditioning costs, protect your house from storms and strong winds, add beauty to your outdoors, and increase property value. Sometimes, however, removing or cutting down a tree makes sense. For example, a diseased or decaying … Read More

6 Tips for Protecting Your Property during Tree Removal

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If you live in a home that boasts a lush yard, you probably know that trees can greatly enhance the look and value of your property. But when trees become overgrown or start decaying, they can pose several risks to your house and family. This, in turn, necessitates an immediate tree removal.   If you’re facing this situation, don’t worry. … Read More

13 Serious Risks Involved in DIY Tree Removal

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Cutting down a tree may seem like a simple task, but when you really think about it, it’s quite complicated. Most homeowners don’t know this, but getting the job correctly and safely done requires ample prior knowledge and experience. DIY tree removal goes beyond simply hitting the base of the trunk with an axe or a chainsaw and letting it fall. … Read More

How to Keep Trees from Destroying Your Home and Vehicles

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How to Keep Trees from Destroying Your Home and Vehicles

Here in Utah, we love our trees! Hot summers can be eased by the shade of a beautiful tree. Trees are vital for the environment. They provide oxygen, shed, and food, improve air quality, conserve soil and water, and shelter the wildlife. But homeowners also go to great lengths to plant trees around the house. Thanks to regular tree trimming and … Read More

Tree Stump Removal Explained: Useful Tips, Techniques, and Methods

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Tree Stump Removal Explained: Useful Tips, Techniques, and Methods

Now that you’ve knocked down the misfit tree in your backyard, it’s time to deal with the tree stump. You probably don’t want a gnarly stump sabotaging your well-manicured landscape. But neglected tree stumps can also lead to:  Mold and mildew  Pest infestations  New growth  Space crunches  Increased tripping accidents, especially in homes with young children  So, is there any … Read More

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

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One of the big problems with tree removal is that it leaves a stump behind. The bigger the tree, the bigger the stump. Stumps can present tripping hazards and make it difficult to use the area the tree once was. Fortunately, it’s possible to grind down stumps and recapture that part of your yard. So, how does stump grinding work? … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Trees in the Spring

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Spring is the season of fresh starts. It is when you bust out your cleaning supplies and scrub every hidden corner of your home. From ceiling fans to window tracks, nothing goes unnoticed. But what about your garden? Most homeowners plan to spend the first warm day of the year collecting branches, removing mulch, and cutting grass. However, chances are … Read More

How Are You Going to Remove Our Tree?

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We remove a lot of trees for homeowners throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Most of the time, our clients ask us something along the lines of, “How are you going to remove our tree?” You might be wondering something similar. “How are you going to remove our tree?” There are several important things we focus on to … Read More