How Tree Trimming Saves You Money on Storm Damage Repairs

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As a Utah resident, you’re probably no stranger to devastating seasonal storms as well as unseasonal hurricanes. If you’re a homeowner with trees in your backyard, you should be concerned about their care and your house’s safety. After all, both are directly connected. 

As a professional tree trimming company, we often come across homeowners who underestimate the importance of tree trimming. The truth is, regular tree trimming is an important part of tree care and can go a long way in storm damage prevention, saving you a ton of money in the long term. 

The key word here is “regular.” That’s because too frequent or delayed trimming can turn your trees into a serious hazard during a storm. 

At Utah Tree Co., we take tree care very seriously. Our tree trimming services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas can help you keep your trees as well as your home in good condition. 

This post will mention how our tree trimming services can help you save on storm damage repairs. But before that, let’s find out what tree trimming actually means. 

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming refers to the process of eliminating damaged, diseased, decaying, or dead limbs to boost the tree’s appearance and health. 

Regular tree trimming helps minimize the risk of storm damage by decreasing wind resistance, making it easier for the tree to bend during gusty winds. Since the tree can bend easily, it does not snap or break.

Importance of Tree Trimming in Salt Lake City 

Timely tree trimming is an excellent way to protect trees from the damaging effects of strong winds and prevent the need for storm damage repairs. If the tree has dead or weak limbs, the wind will likely cause them to break or fall to the ground. However, the removal of these dangerous limbs can protect your home, car, and other belongings from significant damage. 

Apart from reducing wind resistance, tree trimming services can help improve airflow and light penetration through the canopy. As a result, the tree can remain healthy and endure extreme weather conditions.

What’s the Right Time to Trim Trees?

Trees tend to be in a dormant state during winter through early spring. The risk of disease or trauma to the tree is minimal during this stage, making it the best time for tree trimming. If you reside in a storm-prone area, however, consider trimming earlier in the season.

But don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last moment to hire tree trimming services. Others will certainly book them ahead of time, so they might not be able to accommodate you in their busy schedule. Your trees could, therefore, end up losing various dangers. Hence, consult a trusted tree trimming service provider and schedule the trimming well in advance.

How Storms Weaken Trees

Our tree trimming company understands that powerful storms can wreak havoc in more ways than one. From detached power lines to uprooted trees, strong winds can cause a whole lot of damage. Rain and flooding can worsen things, especially for the roots of trees as the soil loosens up. 

When this happens, the wind can pull the tree out of the ground and topple it. Young and weak trees are especially prone to this as their root systems aren’t developed enough to stabilize them during bad weather. 

Storms can also cause tree trunks to snap and branches to break without warming, increasing the chances of injury to people and damage to property, vehicles, wires and cables, satellite dishes, and so on. 

Is Your Tree Risky?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your family and home. Tree care is a big part of this. You’ll need to examine your trees from time to time to determine if they’re a potential risk. You can get a reliable tree trimming company involved for a more thorough job. 

A few risk factors to watch out for include:

1. Dead or damaged branches

Tree branches that are cracked or split can easily snap during a storm. This makes them a huge risk.

2. Poorly-developed roots

Newly planted trees or those with weak root structures may not be firmly planted in the ground. As a result, they might be at an increased risk of damage. Watch out for trees that have damaged roots.

3. Structural issues

This one can be difficult for the layman to understand. But tree trimming services in Utah can help you identify any structural issues that may be hampering the tree’s stability. If it is found to be unstable, it’s definitely risky. 

4. Decaying trees or tree branches

Dead branches and decaying tree trunks are huge red flags as they’re low on stability and strength. This makes them vulnerable to breakage, meaning they’re definitely a hazard.

5. Badly pruned trees

Trees that have excessively pruned interior branches can become unstable and are, therefore, risky.

6. Unbalanced trees

Trees that lean way too much on one side are likely to fall over and hurt people, property, and structures. 

7. Topped trees

This refers to the cutting off of the top of the tree, reducing its remaining top branches to stumps. This weakens the tree, leaves it unstable and exposed, and gives it an unsightly appearance. The tree becomes much more prone to breakage, becoming a hazard.

8. Dense canopies

Trees with overly thick canopies create resistance to wind, making them prone to breakage. Hence, such trees are considered high-risk.

If you find any of the above signs in your trees, contact a licensed tree service company for assistance immediately. 

How Professional Tree Trimming Services Can Help Minimize Storm Damage

Regular and proper tree trimming ensures that rain and wind can easily pass through the canopy. Improperly maintained trees, on the other hand, can create resistance when the wind blows through the canopy. This can lead to the snapping and breaking of the tree. 

Professional tree trimming services can help minimize storm damage and enhance the safety of your home and property. It can eliminate risks from overhanging limbs, overlapping branches, decaying wood, and dead branches.

However, not everyone can perform proper tree trimming – it requires extensive training and experience. Even a minor overlook or error can be dangerous and have long-term implications for the tree as well as human life. It is, therefore, best to entrust this job to a local tree trimming company that specializes in tree care. 

Contact Utah Tree Co. for Efficient Tree Trimming Services in Salt Lake City

We’re making our way into another seasonal transition, which makes now the right time to plan your next tree trimming service appointment. After all, it’s always better to invest in timely tree care and maintenance than dole out huge amounts of cash in storm damage repairs. 

The experienced tree trimming service providers at Utah Tree Co. are here to help you assess the condition of your tree and take preventative steps against storm damage. We have the skills and equipment to implement the right measures that’ll keep your trees healthy and your home safe. 

For any query related to our tree trimming service and tree pruning service in Utah, reach out to our licensed, insured, safety-minded, and efficient team. Call us at (801) 386-2405 or fill out our online form to learn more.