Is Your Tree Ready for the Next Utah Windstorm?

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Is your tree ready for the next utah windstorm

If you have lived in Utah long, you know how intense the windstorms can be. Our state can have hurricane-level winds strong enough to easily topple trees. The healthier the tree, the less likely it is to go down in a windstorm. That’s why our tree specialists encourage all Utah homeowners to keep their trees healthy – not just for beauty, but for safety as well. 

5 Signs Your Tree May Be at Risk in a Utah Windstorm

1. Leaning

All trees lean, some more than others. But there is a point where leaning is a sign of weakness in the tree. One simple way to see if a leaning tree is at risk of falling over is to look at the soil surrounding it. If the soil is heaving up or you can see big cracks in the soil next to the tree, it may be a sign of root damage. If you see heaving soil on the opposite side of the lean, your tree could go down in a windstorm. 

2. Decay

There are plenty of things that can damage a tree trunk. If the damage leads to decay, it could cause problems with the structural integrity of the tree. Some holes in tree trunks can be unsightly, while others can add to the overall aesthetic. But a big windstorm could take advantage of that hole and break the tree. 

3. Limbs hanging over the roof 

Trees love the area over your roof because there is so much available sunlight. Unfortunately, if those limbs are heavy and a windstorm hits, they could break off and damage your home. 

4. Utility line proximity

Windstorms, trees, and utility lines don’t mix. The closer your tree is to a utility line and the bigger that tree is, the more you need to worry about it. If the wind picks up enough and the tree is not ready for it, the limbs can break – or the whole tree can topple – leading to downed power lines, lost power for the neighborhood, and a serious safety hazard for everyone in the vicinity. 

5. Canopy density

The denser the canopy of your tree, the more the wind is going to encounter resistance as it passes through. When the canopy is dense enough and there are any issues with the tree’s stability, it can cause limbs to break and possibly cause the tree to fall over. 

Concerns About Your Trees in a Windstorm? Contact Us

Our Utah tree company has seen the damage wind can do to trees and the surrounding homes. We don’t want any homeowner to have to deal with that if we can help it. If you have concerns about your trees, just get in touch and have one of our tree specialists stop by for a consultation. We can identify potential problems and offer proven solutions to protect your trees and your home. 

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