Prepping for Spring Tree Care in Utah

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Prepping for Spring Tree Care in Utah

Every homeowner who enjoys having trees in their yard looks forward to spring. When the weather finally starts warming up, you get to watch them reach their full potential. But if you want to get the most out of your trees, you need to do certain things as winter comes to a close. Here are some tips for tree care in Utah that will take you from winter to spring in style.

Tips for Tree Care in Utah – Winter to Spring

Your trees will appreciate the care you give them leading from winter to spring. We recommend the following:

1. Prune now while trees are dormant.

Dormant trees hold up to pruning better than at any other time. They don’t experience the same amount of stress. They are also easier to prune because the foliage is gone, leaving you with a clear picture of the tree’s structure. You can identify broken or damaged branches easily and remove them. You can also see signs of disease that might be harder to spot when the leaves are out.

2. Check for blight and remove affected plant material.

Blight is a type of fungal infection that turns plant material black, including stems and leaves. As you observe leaves sprouting as the weather warms, look for blight and remove affected areas immediately. Be sure to avoid adding infected material to compost areas because the fungus will grow and potentially infect other plants.

Apply a fungicide to any trees affected by blight.

3. Prepare for insect infestations and address them as soon as possible.

Fungal infections and insect infestations often come hand in hand. The insects help spread the fungus. As your trees start to sprout leaves and fill out, inspect them regularly for insects. Aphids are a common problem, but there are plenty of other potential enemies of your trees. Fortunately, insecticides are quite effective and can eliminate most pests.

Tree Care in Utah – Let Us Help You Do It Right!

Every tree species faces unique challenges. That’s why proper tree care in Utah is done on a case-by-case basis. That’s why we encourage homeowners to contact us and have one of our team members check on their trees a few times a year. We can help you identify potential issues and address those issues with expertise.

The best way to deal with tree problems is to stop them before they start. We can show you how to grow beautiful, healthy trees year-round. And we can start with a free consultation so you can speak with our team before you make a decision. Please call us today at (801) 386-2405 or fill out our secure online contact form to get a free bid. We are happy to talk to you on the phone and come to your home to give you specific insights about your trees