How Crane Assisted Tree Removal Safely Takes Down Massive Trees

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Who doesn’t want to leave amidst lush greenery? But that’s not the only reason to plant trees around your house. Trees provide clean air, plenty of shed, and a cool breeze in a scorching summer heat. However, sometimes, falling a tree is necessary. If the tree in your backyard is dying, decaying, or damaged, it becomes a huge safety hazard. You will need to chop it down as soon as possible.

However, you should not cut it down yourself. Removing old and tall trees is a job best left to professionals. You will need to call a crane assisted tree removal service company. Thankfully, there were 148,837 tree-trimming services businesses in the US as of 2023. In other words, you can find a tree removal company in Utah quickly.

But before you call them, let’s first understand how tree removal with a crane works.

Why Do You Need Crane for Tree Removal?

Chopping down a tree can mitigate the risks if it is not structurally sound. But you can’t always climb and chop down a tree one branch at a time. Sometimes, a tree may be too weak for you to climb, and cut down the branches. That’s when you need a crane-assisted tree removal service company.

Crane-assisted tree removal comes with many advantages. They include:

1) Safety: As mentioned before, safety is the most critical benefit of crane tree removal techniques. The risk of a fatal fall increases significantly, especially when dealing with tall and diseased trees. Using a crane allows you to work from a safe distance. Plus, a professional tree removal company in Utah will have trained staff. They follow all required safety precautions while cutting your tree. 

2) Efficiency: Using a crane for tree removal is highly efficient. It offers precise control over the removal process. You can carefully position the crane to cut different sections of your tree. More importantly, a crane can lift heavy tree sections with ease. As a result, this method is considerably faster than traditional methods like manual labor or using tree climbing equipment.

3) Accessibility: Another benefit is that crane tree removal techniques can reach heights and positions that traditional methods can’t. This is particularly useful when dealing with tall or hard-to-reach trees.

4) Minimized Damage: When removing tall trees, there is a risk of branches falling unpredictably on nearby buildings or vehicles. But crane tree removal techniques can significantly reduce this risk. As you have more control, there is a lower risk of collateral damage. 

5) Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring a crane-assisted tree removal service company is not cheap. But, increased efficiency and reduced risk of damage often make it a cost-effective choice. That is especially true for larger or more complex tree removal projects.

Steps Involved in Tree Removal with a Crane

After knowing the benefits of using a crane for tree removal, let’s see how the process actually works. While the process remains somewhat the same, these steps may change depending on the circumstances involved in your tree removal project. It’s best to consult a professional for more accurate details regarding cost, timeline, and potential risks.

But usually, the process involves the following steps. 

1) Site Inspection: The first step is on-site inspection. The crane-assisted tree removal service provider you hire will thoroughly assess your tree and its surroundings. This assessment helps determine the best tree-cutting approach for your project. The team of professionals will visit your place at a convenient time. Inspect the tree for damage and decay, and check accessibility and the proximity of the tree to your house, fence, power cables, and nearby properties. 

2) Choosing Suitable Equipment: As you can imagine, the next step is choosing the right equipment. It depends on what the on-site inspection reveals. You can use different types of equipment for tree removal, including loaders, hook lifts, and cranes. Modern cranes are equipped with advanced technology to ensure precise and controlled lifting. Your crane-assisted tree removal service provider will decide the best equipment for your job.

3) Tree Pruning: With this step, the actual tree removal with a crane begins. Your large tree removal service provider will prune the tree to reduce its weight and size. This often involves removing branches until only the tree trunk is standing. As you can see, this reduces the risk of branches falling unpredictably during removal.

4) Trunk Removal: After removing all the branches, the tree-removal experts will chop down the truck. The crane operator will carefully cut sections of the tree trunk. They will lower them to the ground or a designated area. This controlled dismantling minimizes the risk of damage or accidents.

5) Stump Removal: This is the final step in tree removal with a crane. Your tree removal expert will remove the stump once the tree gets dismantled. They will use specialized equipment or grinding techniques. When you hire a tree removal service with a crane, be sure they also remove the stump. Some companies may charge extra for stump grinding or ask you to hire someone else. 

Choose The Right Tree Removal Company in Utah

You are better off hiring a professional to remove your trees. But be sure to hire an experienced and reputed tree removal company in Utah. The company should have at least a few years of experience in removing trees, especially using a crane. Other factors you should consider include:

And finally, make sure to invite estimates from three or more crane-assisted tree removal service providers. This will help you get a sense of what price is normal. Also, feel free to ask questions. Remember, a professional will be more than happy to answer all your doubts.


Trees provide a shed, fresh air, and a pleasant environment. But when a tree is structurally not sound, it poses a safety risk. Its branches may fall unpredictably, causing property damage and even accidents. So, rope in a crane-assisted tree removal service company as soon as possible. It will help you mitigate the potential risks and remove the tree safely. Hopefully, this post will help you understand how crane-assisted tree removal works.

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