How Crane Assisted Tree Removal Safely Takes Down Massive Trees

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Who doesn’t want to leave amidst lush greenery? But that’s not the only reason to plant trees around your house. Trees provide clean air, plenty of shed, and a cool breeze in a scorching summer heat. However, sometimes, falling a tree is necessary. If the tree in your backyard is dying, decaying, or damaged, it becomes a huge safety hazard. … Read More

The Importance of Removing Large Unhealthy or Dead Trees Before Winter – A Professional Perspective

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Importance of Tree Removal As winter approaches, it becomes essential for homeowners and commercial or government properties with large trees to prioritize tree removal. This proactive approach ensures the safety of individuals and property during the harsh winter months. Large unhealthy or dead trees pose significant risks, and their removal should be entrusted to professional tree removal services. In this … Read More

How to Protect Your Trees from High Winds

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Enhancing your property’s allure through tree planting is, without a doubt, a wonderful idea. Yet, the unpredictable weather, especially the high winds in Utah, can pose a challenge to their vitality and sustenance. The struggle is particularly real for young trees. While we cannot tame Mother Nature, the tree care experts at Utah Tree Co. can help safeguard your foliage. … Read More

Summer Trimming Do’s and Don’ts: Maintaining Tree Health and Shape

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In summertime most gardeners are ready to enjoy the results of their year-long labor. There’s nothing like sitting under your large, shady tree, watching your shrubs thrive in the growing season. That’s until you look up and notice a few precarious branches just waiting to tear off in a strong wind. When trees are overgrown, damaged, or not looking their … Read More

Spring Tree Removal: Enhancing Your Property’s Safety and Appearance

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Homeowners usually think that adding more greens is a great way to spruce up their outdoor living space. However, you may also want to consider spring tree removal as a way to revamp your property’s exterior area.  Think about it – removing certain trees can not only help improve the airflow around your home, but also free up space for … Read More

Why Get Professional Tree Removal Services to Chop Down Your Cottonwood Tree

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As tree removal experts in Utah, we come across many species of trees and shrubs. But no other tree seems to match the popularity of cottonwood. They provide excellent shade and beautiful fall colors.  Another reason for their popularity is rapid growth. Cottonwood trees can grow about 4-5 feet per year. But with the right conditions, they can grow up to 8 feet … Read More