Did You Know We Will Give You Free Wood Chips?

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Tree Co no longer delivers free wood chips. We now work with a service called ChipDrop. Please visit their website to sign up.

Our team at Tree Co. is excited to partner with ChipDrop, a local service that delivers free wood chips to your home or business. Wood chips are useful for a variety of Utah landscaping needs, including mulch, soil temperature regulation, and more. Equally important, by using wood chips on your landscape you keep them from going into the landfill. It’s definitely the green way to go. 

How to Use Wood Chips

Wood chips are extremely easy to use. After we have them dropped off at your home, you can use them on your landscaping, including as mulch around trees and shrubs. Here are the steps to using wood chips:

  1. Prep the area. Use a hoe, your hands, or another tool to remove weeds from the area before you put the wood chips down. The wood chips won’t necessarily kill the weeds so you want to remove them beforehand. 
  2. Spread the wood chips. For most purposes, you can spread a 2 to 3-inch layer over the ground. Just make sure to keep the layer loose. You don’t want to pack it down too tightly because it can prevernt water from reaching the soil.
  3. Make space around plants and wooden structures. Try to create a 6-inch space between the wood chips and any of your plants or wooden structures like fences. If the chips are directly contacting these they can hold moisture and lead ot rot. 
  4. Water the chips. As with any mulch, it’s a good idea to water wood chips after you install them. The water will help the chips settle down and avoid blowing away. It will also help prevent the formation of water-repellent fungi.
  5. Maintain the wood chips periodically. They may become compacted or wear down and become a layer of soil. If you see them compacting, fluff them with a rake or pitchfork. If they are dissolving, add another thin layer of chips. 

How Much do They Cost?

They are free! That’s right, free. You may be wondering why anyone would give away such a useful resource for free. The truth is, Utah tree removal companies and tree stump removal companies have to dispose of wood chips and other materials more often than they want to. We would prefer to have them go back into the landscape as mulch and soil amendments. That’s why we partner with services that can deliver free chips to you at no cost. 

Order Free Wood Chips Now

If you are interested in getting free wood chips in Utah, please visit us to see how Chipdrop can help you. Once we have your information, we can set up a time to deliver the wood chips to your home. 

You may have other questions about tree removal in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo or surrounding areas. If so, use the form link or please give us a call at (801) 386-2405. Our tree experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you with all your tree care needs.