5 Tried and Tested Methods for Removing Tree Stumps

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In Utah, summers are usually hot and dry. So, planting trees on your Utah property comes with many benefits. They provide shade, lower the temperature, reduce air-conditioning costs, protect your house from storms and strong winds, add beauty to your outdoors, and increase property value. Sometimes, however, removing or cutting down a tree makes sense. For example, a diseased or decaying … Read More

How to Protect Your Trees in Spring

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How to Protect Your Trees in Spring

Spring is an exciting time for homeowners because you have so much new growth to look forward to. As the weather warms, you will see lots of greenery, growth, and buds. But it’s still important to protect your trees in spring. There are risks, like late freezes and insect infestations, that you should take steps to insulate your trees from. … Read More

Protecting Trees in Summer – What to Know

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Learn about protecting trees in summer in Utah.

If you have lived in Utah for long, you know how hot and dry the summer can often be. That heat and lack of moisture can be tough on trees, even well-established trees. At Tree Co. we specialize in helping Utah homeowners protect their trees in all seasons – including summer. If you want to know more about protecting trees … Read More

Did You Know We Will Give You Free Wood Chips?

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***FREE CHIPDROP UPDATE*** Tree Co no longer delivers free wood chips. We now work with a service called ChipDrop. Please visit their website to sign up. Our team at Tree Co. is excited to partner with ChipDrop, a local service that delivers free wood chips to your home or business. Wood chips are useful for a variety of Utah landscaping … Read More