6 Dangers of Improper Tree Pruning You Should Know About

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Tree pruning can have several benefits, chief among which is the safety of the people around. When your tree’s branches start to decay and fall, they can become a threat to people, property, and power lines. Herein lies the importance of the timely removal of dangerous limbs. 

Of course, nothing beats maintaining a safe tree. However, pruning as well as tree trimming and removal may not always be a smooth-sail. If the tree is too tall or located too close to a building or a power line, DIY tree pruning can be full of hazards

It’s best to hire trimming and pruning services in Utah so you can be sure that the job will be done professionally and safely.

How Timely Tree Pruning Can Help

Timely tree pruning with the right skills and tools is important for a number for reasons. Doing so: 

  • Promotes tree growth and structure
  • Influences the way in which the tree grows
  • Makes it easier to grow trees according to a certain dimension with respect to branches and limbs
  • Reduces the risk of broken branches and falling limbs 
  • Prevents improper configuration of branches and the distribution of their weight 
  • Improves the aesthetics of the tree

Of course, in cases where pruning doesn’t help, you should opt for proven tree trimming and removal to be performed by professional tree trimming and pruning services in Utah. Their work can go a long way in helping you keep your trees healthy and lush.

When Should Trees Be Pruned?

Any tree pruning, except an emergency branch removal, should be performed in late fall or winter, when the foliage is dormant. During this time, the tree is less vulnerable to pruning-related harm from removing their branches. In dormancy, less sap is lost, and insect and fungal infestation is less likely to occur. 

Bear in mind that different types of trees require different trimming and pruning services in Utah. In case of any doubts or questions, reach out to a trusted tree trimming and removal specialist instead of putting your (and the tree’s) life at risk.

Dangers of Improper Tree Pruning

As leading providers of trimming and pruning services in Utah, we can assure you that when it comes to tree pruning, less can be more. So, you want to prune the least possible amount and still achieve the desired results. 

We recommend pruning no more than 1/4th of the tree’s crown. This is where the majority of the leaves are, and also where it gets most of its energy. Pruning this area too much can lead to severe tree damage.

It is also important to remember that improper pruning can deteriorate the health of tree, creating a safety hazard. Let’s find out what these dangers are.

1. Decay and Death of Tree

Sometimes, small stems and branches can get cut away, leading to wounds in the tree. It is vital for the tree to heal as its structural strength depends on it. 

However, improper pruning done by inexperienced providers of tree trimming services in Utah can lead to the unnecessary removal of cover and deeper cuts. These cuts and open wounds can cause decay and take longer to heal. 

However, the right pruning techniques can ensure that these wounds heal with time, minimizing the chances of decay. Hence, it’s best to call in professional tree trimming and removal services as they can make smaller cuts that heal faster.

2. Poor Tree Structure

Did you know that over-pruning a tree can give it a poor structure? Ideally, your pruning should depend on the developmental stage of the tree. 

For instance, young and weak trees need no more than 50% foliage removal in one pruning session. Whereas, middle-aged trees need just 25% removal, and mature trees need only 10% foliage removal in one session. 

Anything more may lead to poor branch structure, uneven weight distribution, and diminishing health. Further, removing branches that provide shade to the tree’s trunk can make it susceptible to sun scalding in the summer. It can also cause decay over time. 

Decaying branches are dreadful as they weaken the tree structure and become a major hazard during storms. 

Only an experienced provider of trimming and pruning services in Utah will be able to spare you and your trees all this torment. 

3. Damage from Incorrect Tools

Inexperienced tree trimming and pruning service providers may use incorrect or poorly-maintained tools, creating uneven cuts or harming the bark. These wounds not only look unattractive, they can also provide an entry point to pests and diseases. 

If pruning tools aren’t used, stored, and maintained correctly, they can end up transferring bacteria and fungi from other infected trees in your yard. Hence, you should hire professional and experienced trimming and pruning services in Utah that understand the importance of cleaning and disinfecting pruning tools after each use.

4. Risk of Tree “Topping”

Tree topping refers to the act of cutting the upper branches into stubs with minimal or no foliage. This technique may be suggested by ill-informed tree care agencies to encourage new growth, but we don’t recommend it at all. 

As proven providers of tree trimming services in Utah, we know that this practice hampers the tree’s natural growth cycle, resulting in poor branch structure and severe wounds. 

Moreover, it will also make the tree more prone to pest infestation and diseases. So according to us, tree topping is big no.

5. Interior Sprouting

Removing too much of the crown or canopy can mean that the sunlight will filter in, scalding the tree’s delicate bark and causing interior sprouting to start. It also creates uneven growth patterns. Aside from reducing your tree’s beauty, it can weaken its structure. 

6. Compromise Personal Safety

Hiring tree trimming services in Utah is always a good idea because tree maintenance can be dangerous for the layman. Experienced professionals have the proper training and safety equipment to execute the job safely. 

Trees located near power lines pose an even greater threat due to the possibility of electrocution or fire. Hence, even if you know how to prune or trim your trees, it’s better to call in licensed and insured pros. This will protect you from liability. 

Let the Specialists Handle Tree Trimming and Pruning for You

Regular tree pruning and maintenance by providers of trimming and pruning services in Utah will help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. Do bear in mind that it’s best to remove unwanted branches during the dormant season. Proper pruning techniques will improve your tree’s longevity and minimize risk to your family, home, and belongings. 

Call Utah Tree Co. at (801) 386-2405 or fill out our online form to schedule tree pruning or tree trimming services in Utah. Licensed, insured, safety-minded, and efficient, your tree service will be done by courteous, proud veterans.