5 Ways to Repurpose Wood Scraps After Tree Removal

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Once tree trimming or removal in your backyard is complete, you’re bound to be left with twigs, dead leaves and branches, and scraps of wood. If you’re like most people in Utah, you probably discard them or simply leave them to pile up in the corner of your yard or garage.

But you can actually put these wood scraps to good use. All you need is some imagination and the right resources. For instance, wood scraps are just what you need if you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your home or outdoor area.

The truth is, repurposing wood scraps is not that hard and the possibilities are endless. Plus, the material is practically free and right from your own backyard (and hence, easily available).

A Word of Caution from Our Tree Company

If you’re new to working with wood scraps, it is advised to beware of the hazards involved. After all, better safe than sorry! So, make sure you prioritize your safety by wearing good-quality gloves, eyewear, a mask, and headgear, if necessary.

Also, not all wood scraps are made equal, and not all can be repurposed. So, if your tree had succumbed to a disease or pest infestation, you’ll be better off not using wood scraps from it or the pest/disease can infect other plants. Emerald ash borer, for example, can destroy trees, weakening the wood. So, it’s best to avoid wood scraps from trees infested with it.  

It’s a good idea to speak with your tree services provider before tree trimming or removal to know your options.  

Mentioned ahead are a few easy-peasy ideas for repurposing wood scraps and turning them into something useful. By the end of the post, you’ll know exactly what to do with these seemingly useless things.

Let’s dive in.

5 Simple Ways of Repurposing Wood Scraps

1. Create a Habitat for Wildlife

If you live around a forested area, consider keeping a pile of wood scraps outside your home or in a corner of your backyard to help birds and wildlife find a home. You’ll be surprised how many of these creatures will find the pile useful as shelter or even food.

A lot of animals tend to make their home in piles of dead leaves and wood. In places where fallen wood is naturally available, many species adapt to the habitat and make it their home. So, setting aside a pile of wood scraps can be immensely beneficial to them.

To build a habitat, you’ll need to gather as much wood scraps as possible along with tree stumps with the roots attached (if any). Then, dig a hole in the ground and bury a third of the wood into it. Fill up the space with dirt, and organic matter like leaves and ferns.

The best thing about wood scraps is that you don’t need a large space to accommodate them – they can be used in the smallest backyard. As experienced tree services professionals, we recommend placing the pile in a shady spot where it can remain cool and damp.

Of course, you’ll need to check your neighborhood rules and regulations before building such a habitat as not all vicinities allow it.

2. Build Wooden Cutting Boards and Other Simple Objects

Along with wood scraps, you can use tree branches and logs as raw materials for creating wooden household items such as cutting boards, coasters, key hangers, and so on. Wood scraps are great for use as decoration or adornments. You’ll also need a little skill and some tools, like a saw, sanding paper, and of course, your creativity.

If you’re not into DIY projects, you can donate your wood scraps and other material to a local tree company, woodworkers, and artisans who will be able to use them in the best possible ways. You can then buy custom wooden items made from your own wood scraps, branches, or trees.

3. Think Garden Beds

Some trees are naturally resistant to insects and rot. If your tree falls in this category, you’re in luck. Wood scraps from such trees can be used to build raised garden beds.

All you need to do is collect wood scraps and pieces of wood using log cabin-style corners. Then, line the interior with a weed barrier and fill the structure with topsoil. And it’s done!

Say hello to your very own vegetable garden that will not only last quite a few years but also prevent insects from destroying your plants.

However, you’ll have to reinforce the walls and corners with landscape spikes to deter the soil from pulling the garden bed apart. You can always speak to a proven tree services company for advice and help with this.

4. Create Compost

If you thought that compost can be derived only from dead leaves and kitchen scraps, think again. Decomposing wood scraps are excellent for making compost, and what’s more? They’re actually pretty easy to compost.

Take a small pile of wood scraps and simply bury it below the soil of a raised bed. Let soil organisms, air, and moisture work their magic in breaking down the scraps over a couple of years while releasing nutrients in the soil.

Again, be careful about the quality of wood scraps you use to create the compost. Species that aren’t disease and insect-resistant should not be used. However, maple, pine, and fruit trees are great options. Speak with a local tree company professional for more information on how you can create your own compost.  

5. Use as Mulch

Using wood scraps as mulch is a great way to make your yard healthy and beautiful. Wood scraps, shavings, and even sawdust can help deter weed growth, improve moisture retention, and provide the soil with the necessary nutrients while decomposing.

Sawdust, in particular, makes extremely effective mulch for blueberries and other acid-loving plants. Wood scraps left behind after tree removal are also great while serving as aesthetic and decorative elements around trees and bushes.

An experienced Utah tree company can help you understand how to use wood scraps for making mulch.

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The beautiful thing about trees is that they continue to be useful to us even after their removal. You can do numerous things with the remnants, such as the small branches and wood scraps. Plus, re-using your beloved tree allows its presence to remain within your home even after it’s long gone. What could be better than that!

Are you considering tree removal in your yard? If you’re not sure how to go about it, feel free to get in touch with our tree company for guidance. From tree trimming to stump grinding and removal, we provide professional tree services your yard can benefit from.

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