How Are You Going to Remove Our Tree?

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We remove a lot of trees for homeowners throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Most of the time, our clients ask us something along the lines of, “How are you going to remove our tree?” You might be wondering something similar.

“How are you going to remove our tree?”

There are several important things we focus on to remove your tree safely. Safe tree removal is extremely important because it protects our clients, our team, and the property we are working on.

1. Assess the tree and the surrounding area.

Sometimes we remove a whole tree, while other times we just remove certain branches. However, much we are removing, we must carefully analyze the tree and the surrounding area. Even one big branch can crush a person, a car, or the roof of your home.

We look over the tree, decide what we are removing, and then develop a plan. Before we start cutting, we know how we will secure the branches and protect people and property.

2. Rope everything down from a high point.

Ropes and pulleys allow us to secure even the heaviest limbs and lower them down to the ground safely. We have specialized systems to secure branches using higher points – like branches and trunks. Pullies give us a mechanical advantage so we can hold and lower heavy branches. Porter wraps let us add friction to ropes. It all comes together into a system you can depend on.

It takes a little time and effort, but our specialists can safely secure any part of the tree for removal.

3. A team secures, cuts, and lowers branches and trunk sections.

Safe tree removal requires a team. At least two team members work together to make sure each section is first secured before they start cutting. It’s a bit of an art. Too little tension and the section could drop onto a person or property. Too much tension could send it the opposite direction with just as much damage. That’s why you hire pros.

4. We work in stages.

Before you cut down a big tree, you need to remove the branches. And you need to remove the branches in a specific order. Once that’s done, you can start taking the trunk apart in pieces from the top.

5. Cleanup.

Our goal is to leave your yard better than we found it. That’s why we make sure to clean up all debris and remove the sections of the tree for proper disposal.

Can You Remove Our Tree? Yes!

Our team can get pretty busy, but even if we are busy we will find a spot for you on our schedule. All you need to do is ask. Please give us a call at (801) 386-2405 or complete our secure online contact form to get in touch. When you ask a Tree Co. team member, “Can you remove our tree?”, you can always expect a “Yes!”