6 Spring Tree Care Tips for a Green Yard

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Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to get your trees ready for the warmer weather. After all, your yard might need some TLC following the ravages of winter. 

Proper tree spring care is essential because: 

  • It helps improve the tree’s overall appearance 
  • It prevents accidents and makes your yard a safer place 
  • It increases your property value 
  • It allows the tree more access to sunlight and nutrients 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out your pruning shears and follow these six spring tree care tips to ensure your greens enter the blooming season healthy!

Preparing Your Trees for Winter: 6 Simple Tips to Remember

There’s more to prepping your trees for spring than letting nature take its course. In case you’re a first-time yard owner and don’t know where to start, use these six tips to set the ball rolling.

1. Check Overall Health

Closely inspect your trees for any damage that may have formed over the winter. It should be easier when your trees have no leaves.  

Are the branches broken, dead, or diseased? Do you notice any spots or discolored leaves? Are there no leaves at all? Something could be wrong if your tree looks sparse, especially if the crown is thinner than the rest. 

Also, yellow tree leaves (in spring) could be a sin of overwatering caused by poor soil drainage. Cracked wood or bark wounds signify the tree is decaying and should be checked out by a local arborist. 

Prune any unsafe or dead branches before the new growth begins. Don’t forget to remove dead or severely damaged branches that didn’t make it through the winter. A little proactive maintenance can go a long way in enriching your garden’s health. 

Wondering how to trim and prune your trees? If you haven’t done it before, it might be best to call in a professional tree trimming company in Utah like Utah Tree Co. With us working hard on your trees, you can enjoy a lush green yard all year long!

2. Clean Around the Trees

It’s spring, and you want to give your yard a brand-new start. Begin by cleaning up any debris around your trees, such as leaves, branches, general waste, and assorted buildup from the winter. Any leftover mess can become a breeding ground for fungal growth. 

Make sure to remove any competing plants like ivy as well. Ivy can decay and collect moisture near the tree roots, attracting mold. 

For trees that couldn’t survive the harsh winter, consult a tree removal specialist on how to cut them down. A tree removal service in Utah will know how to get rid of dead or damaged trees without distressing the rest of your yard. 

3. Watch out for Fungal Diseases

The cool, moist spring weather creates an ideal breeding ground for fungal diseases like armillaria root rot, thousand canker disease, oak wilt, and Dutch elm. Consider investing in preventive fungicides to save your trees from infection. Fungal infections cannot be cured- only suppressed- meaning prevention is vital. 

Here are a few other tips to prevent infection. 

  • Don’t overwater your trees. 
  • Make sure your soil drains properly, and there’s no standing water around the roots 
  • Boost overall health with proper tree maintenance 
  • Sanitize gardening tools between plants

4. Fertilize Wherever Necessary

Sure, not all trees need fertilizing. However, an extra supply of nutrients is essential in some cases. Fertilizing in spring can help replenish nutrient-deficient soil and promote the growth of young trees. 

The type of fertilizer you need will largely depend on your soil- or more accurately, what’s lacking from it. Get your soil tested to assess its fertility before deciding on a product. 

We recommend adding a slow-release fertilizer before your trees and shrubs enter their peak growing season. This will nourish the soil, boost its health, and protect plants from diseases, insects, and stress. Be sure to apply the fertilizer to the entire root zone and water thoroughly for the soil to absorb the nutrients.

5. Refill Mulch

Believe it or not, the humble mulch is a workhorse of the garden. Not only does it hold moisture in the soil, but also: 

  • Smothers weeds and keeps weed seeds from sprouting 
  • Encourages earthworms, which dig tunnels and bring more water/air into the soil. Earthworms also break down leaves and other organic materials
  • Regulates the soil’s temperature 
  • Provide nitrogen and other nutrients to your plants 
  • Prevents erosion by reducing the impact of water droplets as they hit the ground 

This spring, remember to add a thick layer of mulch (about 7-10 centimeters deep) around the perimeter of your trees. Be sure to leave some space near the trunk to ward off pests.  

Figuring out how to mulch your yard can be a tall task for the uninitiated. Call for professional tree trimming services in Utah to take over in case you cannot figure things out.

6. Remove Weeds and Excess Debris 

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: weed control is critical to tree health. Weeds compete with other plants for water, nutrients, sunshine, and space. The last thing you’d want is these pesky menaces stunting your plant growth.

While there are dozens of chemical herbicides promising miraculous weed control results on the market, they’re not 100% safe. You still risk damaging or killing your plants, shrubs, and trees. 

Consider these alternate weeding methods instead. 

  • Cut back the tops of perennial weeds to reduce reseeding and force them to use up their remaining nutrients.  
  • Deprive weeds of water by placing a drip or soaker hose beneath the mulch. This method efficiently irrigates plants and leaves the weed dry. 
  • Once you water your yard well, get on your hands and knees, grab a fishtail weeder or salad fork, and pry up tap-root weeds like dandelion, thistle, and dock. 

The Bottom Line

Spring is the season of fresh beginnings. As the leaves start returning to your trees, take this time to fully evaluate your garden’s condition and give it the attention it deserves. With a careful spring tree care plan, you can ensure your plants flourish and thrive during the growing season. Use these tips as a jumping-off point to kickstart your spring care journey today! 

Looking for a competent tree trimming company in Utah to lend you a hand with spring pruning? Utah Tree Co is here to help! Leverage our tree services in Utah by giving us a call today!