5 Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Trees in the Spring

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Spring is the season of fresh starts. It is when you bust out your cleaning supplies and scrub every hidden corner of your home. From ceiling fans to window tracks, nothing goes unnoticed. But what about your garden?

Most homeowners plan to spend the first warm day of the year collecting branches, removing mulch, and cutting grass. However, chances are your trees need some tender love and care too. Overgrown trees can look unkempt, block your view, and pose a grave threat to your property. 

In this regard, you’re probably wondering if it is advisable to trim trees in the spring. The short answer is, yes. Generally, trees remain dormant between late winter and early spring, making this the perfect time to spruce them up.

5 Reasons Behind Tree Trimming in the Spring 

Let’s explore five reasons why you should consider tree trimming and pruning before the summer kicks in.

  1. Disease Management 

You’ve probably heard horror stories about pesky critters wreaking havoc on trees. The last thing you want is to lose your exquisite foliage to an insect infestation. Nobody desires ugly cankers, calluses, and cracks all over their tree barks. 

Fresh cuts are more vulnerable to tree-killing bacteria and pests in the summer. Hence, it is best to trim trees during the dormant season, when disease-carrying insects are least active. 

Certain trees, like oak, should only be trimmed during the dormant season to minimize the risk of oak wilt disease.  

  1. Improved Visibility 

Working with a bare tree is easier since there’s no foliage in the way. You’ll have a clearer picture of which branches need pruning, and which areas must be lopped off. And, with the branching patterns on full display, you’ll be able to make more precise cuts and direct future growth. 

  1. Faster Healing 

Like humans, trees need time to recover from wounds. Since dormant pruning does not stimulate new growth, the tree can focus its resources on healing. Simply put, pruning trees before a fresh bloom reduces stress and allows for more robust growth in the warmer months.  

In contrast, when you trim trees just before they enter dormancy (for example, in early fall), the tender shoots may die from the first snap of cold weather.  

  1. Better Overall Health 

Compromised or diseased branches can harm the healthier parts of the tree. Corrective dormant pruning is a great way to get rid of damaged sections, so your tree can grow unimpeded. Plus, you’re removing weak branches that may break off during a summer storm. It’s a win-win! 

  1. Saves Time and Money 

Do you need professional Utah tree trimming services but are skeptical about damaging your manicured lawn? We suggest you wait till the winter. Here’s why.

In Utah, the ground often freezes over in the colder months. This enables tree trimming companies to bring in specialized pruning equipment without ruining your landscape. Using heavy machinery results in lower costs, faster turnaround times, and accurate results. 

What to Prune and When? 

For the amateur gardener, figuring out which tree to prune when can be difficult. As a general rule of thumb, here are some trees you should never trim in spring, summer, or early fall. 

  • Oak trees 
  • Elm trees 
  • Sycamore
  • Honeylocust
  • Pear  

In case you have these trees in your yard, be sure to trim them in winter. Any sooner or later, and you leave them susceptible to a pest attack. 

That said, it is better to prune certain trees after they are done blooming for the spring. These include: 

  • Apricot
  • Chokeberry
  • Crabapple
  • Dogwood
  • Flowering cherry 
  • Juneberry
  • Magnolia  

Also, remember to prune sap-bearing trees, such as birch, maple, and walnut, between early and late spring. While trimming earlier won’t harm the tree, it may get quite messy. 

If all this sounds too confusing, you can always hire a professional to take on the job. Tree trimming and pruning companies like Utah Tree Co have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to keep your trees healthy all year long. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions- we’ll be happy to help!  

Should You Trim Trees When They Are Budding? 

Ideally, you must trim your trees before or after they bloom to avoid interrupting their growth cycle. Pruning a tree when it’s blooming can prevent pollination and lead to severe consequences down the line. 

But you can safely remove some dead, damaged, or overgrown branches while the tree is budding: as long as you keep the trimming to a minimum. Remember, every cut you make during the tree’s prime growing season will put it at risk of disease, so it’s vital to exercise restraint. 

Here are a few instances where it’s advisable to trim your trees mid-bloom.  

  • Your Trees are Posing a Safety Hazard 

Generally speaking, you should not wait to trim trees if they threaten your safety. Remove decaying branches as quickly as possible to avert accidents. Likewise, if you have branches that hang directly over your home, do not hesitate to cut them down. 

  • You Spot Suckers 

Sometimes, a tree may send up additional shoots from the rootstock to grow new branches. This is common for trees that are spliced or grafted together. While the top of the tree is healthy, the lower half is under duress and trying to reproduce. 

It’s best if you remove these suckers whenever you spot them. Use your pruners to cut away as much of the growth as you can. But make sure not to damage the tree trunk. 

  • You Want to Improve Your Yard’s Aesthetic Appearance  

You can lightly prune a blooming tree to shape it better. However, be mindful about how much you’re taking off. You don’t want to hurt the tree any more than necessary. 

The Bottom Line  

Spring pruning can work wonders for your trees and usher in a new season of healthy growth. Hopefully, this post has helped you decide when to schedule your first pruning session for the year. Always be sure to follow proper trimming techniques for best results. 

Or, you can skip the DIY route and call for the pros at Utah Tree Co. As a leading tree trimming and pruning company in Utah, we can take care of your pruning needs with ease. We’re licensed, insured, and trained to do things right the first time around. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us today!