3 Ways to Ensure Safe Tree Stump Removal

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3 Ways to ensure safe tree stump removal

You finally cut down that old tree, but now you’re stuck with a tree stump.   While you can call in professional Utah stump removal services, it may be a good idea to try different things yourself first. To be successful, however, you need to start right.  You should be able to examine your tree stump and figure out its various features. … Read More

Be Cautious – Fall Shrub Pruning in Salt Lake County

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Be cautious fall shrub pruning in salt lake county

When fall weather sits in, many homeowners spend a fair amount of time out in their landscape. You have to rake leaves, cut back dead growth, and generally clean up your landscape to prep for winter. It’s only natural to think about pruning your shrubs. But we encourage you to pause. Fall shrub pruning in Salt Lake County and most … Read More