Tree Trimming in Sandy, Utah – Must-Read Tips for Fall

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Tree trimming in sandy utah must read tips for fall

Fall seems like the perfect time for trimming trees. You are already cutting back the plants in your yard as they die off and generally tidying up. Why not take the trimmers to the trees as well? Unfortunately, trimming in the fall can be a problem. Our company has offered tree trimming in Sandy, UT, for years, and we can tell you exactly why trimming this particular season can be a problem.

Fall Tree Trimming in Sandy, UT – Tips from the Experts

1. Avoid trimming your trees in the fall.

When you cut off a branch on your tree, it stimulates the tree to start growing. You cut off a limb and the tree immediately tries to start new growth at the site of the cut. The problem is, the tree is supposed to be heading into dormancy to protect it from winter’s harsh temperatures. If the freeze catches the tree with sap pushing up towards the cut, it can cause significant damage to the tree.

2. Try to wait until winter if you need to trim soon.

When winter sets in your trees will be dormant. It’s ok to trim dormant trees. So, if you want to trim your trees sooner rather than later winter is an ok time to do it.

3. Practice proper tool technique.

It’s best to use sharp, clean tools to trim trees. You want to aim for clean cuts as close to the base of the desired cut point as possible. Any bits you leave hanging are prime spots for disease to develop so try to get a nice, clean cut.

If you use your tools on a diseased tree, be sure to clean them properly before you use them on another tree. Dirty tools can and do transfer diseases between trees.

4. Only trim in dry weather.

It is important to trim trees in dry weather only. Avoid trimming them in the rainy season because the wet conditions encourage the development of disease.

5. Talk to an expert on tree trimming in Sandy, UT.

Trees can be fairly complicated if you want to keep them in perfect health. Various trees have different cycles of growth and need specific types of care. That’s why we encourage you to speak to one of our tree trimming pros before you start doing any tree trimming. We can answer your questions and help you make sure what you are doing is the best for your tree.

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