Top 5 Tips to Care for Utah Trees

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Tree care tips in Utah

5 Ways to Care for Your Trees in Utah

1. Keep your roots healthy.

It’s easy to forget about tree roots and focus only on what’s above ground. But the roots are the foundation of the tree. The rest of the tree can’t be healthy without healthy roots. Roots need soil that is loose enough to allow grow and aerated enough for the roots to breathe. Mulching can help improve root health. You can even use fallen leaves as mulch – which means less raking for you. 

2. Keep your soil healthy.

Compacted soil is a big problem for trees. When the soil is compacted, it doesn’t let the tree breathe through its roots. Soil also needs nutrients – which can deplete over time without proper care. You can use a pitchfork to turn over soil around the tree to improve aeration. Mixing in compost and mulch is even better, because it will help maintain space in the soil and nutrients. 

3. Water your trees regularly.

Different trees have different watering needs. However, every tree needs enough water to be healthy, so you have to make sure your trees are getting enough water. One of the key ways trees control pests is through sap. Trees can only produce enough sap if they are properly watered, though. So to promote growth and maintain health, you have to water trees regularly – even in winter. One simple way to get enough water to your trees is to place a hose at the base and turn on a slow, steady flow. That will ensure the soil gets saturated down to the roots. 

4. Control pests.

The primary way to control pests is to make sure the tree is healthy. With enough water, nutrients, and soil aeration, trees can fight off most pests on their own. However, if pests are still a problem, you need to take the right steps to eliminate them. It’s best to start with internal treatments, like a basal drench, and then move to external treatments. 

5. Pick the right trees for the environment. 

If you have the opportunity to choose your trees, get knowledgeable advice from a tree service on which trees are right for your area. The better suited the tree is for the environment, the less work it takes to keep it healthy. 

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