Is Winter Tree Trimming in Utah Recommended?

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Is Winter Tree Trimming in Utah Recommended

Many clients as us if winter tree trimming in Utah is recommended. We always answer, “Yes!” Winter is a great time to trim your trees for multiple reasons. Check out the different benefits of tree trimming in winter below.

Winter Tree Trimming in Utah – Should You Do It?

There are several reasons why we like to trim trees in winter. These include:

1. It is easier to see the structure of the tree.

One of the most important considerations when trimming trees and pruning trees is the overall structure of the tree. Our tree trimming experts like to have a clear picture of how the tree is structured before we start cutting. That can be a challenge during most of the year when the leaves are still on the tree.

During winter, the leaves have dropped and it’s much easier to see the tree in full. We can see dead branches more easily and decide what needs to go.

2. Frozen ground lets us use heavier equipment – which can save money.

When the ground is frozen, we can bring in heavy equipment which can seriously speed up a big job. If we need to do a lot of trimming or remove some trees, this equipment makes it easier to do so. All of that time we save results in a less expensive job for our clients. It also makes things easier in general, which we love.

We will always talk to you about our trimming plans before we move forward. But if using more efficient equipment is possible, we will let you know.

3. Trees are much less likely to suffer disease or stress.

Trees go dormant in the winter – as do most tree diseases. One of the problems with trimming trees in summer is how easy it is to transfer diseases from one tree to another. But in winter, that is not nearly as big of an issue. Most fungi, bacteria, and other problems are also dormant in winter.

Because the trees are dormant, they experience significantly less stress when we remove branches. The trees have time to heal from the cuts. They also don’t start trying to stimulate new growth until the weather has warmed up – when there is much more moisture and nutrients available.

Your Experts for Winter Tree Trimming in Utah

Every tree trimming job is different – which is why we like to see your trees in person and give you an accurate estimate. Fortunately, an estimate is easy and free! Just give us a call at (801) 386-2405 or complete our free online bid form to tell us about your tree trimming needs. One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions and help you plan the trimming of your trees.

We look forward to assisting you with all your tree care needs!