How Does Stump Grinding Work?

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One of the big problems with tree removal is that it leaves a stump behind. The bigger the tree, the bigger the stump. Stumps can present tripping hazards and make it difficult to use the area the tree once was. Fortunately, it’s possible to grind down stumps and recapture that part of your yard. So, how does stump grinding work?

Answered – How Does Stump Grinding Work?

If you have tried to remove your stump using hand tools, you know how tough they can be. Even a relatively small stump can stand up to hours of digging and prying. That’s why we use a stump grinder – a machine that makes short work of even the toughest stumps.

There are a few steps we take to remove your stump and leave you with usable space. These include:

1. Cut the tree down nice and low.

When we remove trees, we start by removing as much of the above-ground portion as possible. If you have a big stump and we come to remove it, we will start by using a chainsaw and cutting it down to where only a little bit is left sticking above the ground.

2. Use a metal detector to remove any hazards.

Stump grinders are powerful machines. If they hit metal it can be very dangerous. So before we start up the grinder, we use a metal detector to remove any metal in the ground around the stump. For example, there could be a metal rod left in the ground that was used to tie the tree down.

3. Grind down the stump.

Once the above two steps are completed, we start up the stump grinder and begin grinding. There are different designs of stump grinders. Ours has carbide tip blades at the front – very powerful – that grind the stump away as we guide the grinder along.

Our grinder can grind down as low as you need it, easily down eight to 12 inches. That’s deep enough to let you plant another tree or use the area for other plants.

If necessary, we can remove the surrounding roots as well. The stump grinder has no problem taking out roots.

When we are done, we usually leave the mulch in the hole where the stump was. We can also haul it off for an additional charge.

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