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Imagine breathing deeply in a pine forest. Better yet, just go do it. Ah! Feel better? What is it about that aroma that’s so refreshing? There’s something special about conifers, the class of trees with needles instead of leaves. They hold such a distinctively fresh smell that cleaning product manufacturers have commodified the purity of pines, and with good reason. Researchers who study forests for their health benefits are finding that the smell is just an introduction to all that pines offer.

Describing an aroma is a subjective matter, and many variations exist within families of trees along with subtle differences in odor. Cypress, for example, is described as smokey citrus with mint and sage, the perfect combination to keep the grim reaper away. It was used for mummies’ tombs in ancient Egypt because the wood’s high concentration of essential oils makes it resistant to rot. Cypress has also traditionally been planted around cemeteries to cleanse the smell of decomposition.

The smells from other conifers such as cedar and juniper include spicy and sweet, freshly sharpened pencils, and gin. Cedar blocks or wood shavings repel moths in closets and drawers. Balsam firs win first place as the most fragrant Christmas tree, with spruces and pines also bringing the fresh scent of the woods indoors for the holidays.

Tree Removal Company is a small Utah based company that started very naturally.  The owner has owned and operated a medium to large size construction company for 15 years.  He also is an active real estate investor.  Through the process of time trimming and removing trees that were posing a threat to properties has been a job that he enjoyed.  There is something about climbing into a tree that is intriguing.  It’s common knowledge that trees clean the air, absorb carbon dioxide, contribute oxygen, slow stormwater runoff and cool cities. All those great things trees do for the environment, they also do for us as individuals. They help us slow down, get quiet, inhale and exhale, and chill out.  

Starting a Tree Removal company is one thing, but investing in people to make it successful is key.  The owner started building his team when he met a gentleman who came to Utah after  serving in the United States Military.  They worked together on a few construction projects including a large Tree job on a commercial job site.  Working together allowed them to build trust upon a foundation of honesty and hard work. The idea of starting a Utah Tree Removal company became real.  Today Utah Tree Co. has the specialized equipment and people to attend to the communities tree needs.  Their mission through timely work and precision, provides relief from the looming stress of living in an environment that requires skilled effort to control.