How to Protect Your Trees from High Winds

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Enhancing your property’s allure through tree planting is, without a doubt, a wonderful idea. Yet, the unpredictable weather, especially the high winds in Utah, can pose a challenge to their vitality and sustenance. The struggle is particularly real for young trees. While we cannot tame Mother Nature, the tree care experts at Utah Tree Co. can help safeguard your foliage. … Read More

Spring Tree Removal: Enhancing Your Property’s Safety and Appearance

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Homeowners usually think that adding more greens is a great way to spruce up their outdoor living space. However, you may also want to consider spring tree removal as a way to revamp your property’s exterior area.  Think about it – removing certain trees can not only help improve the airflow around your home, but also free up space for … Read More

Tree Trimming Protects Property in Snowstorms

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Free Trimming Protect Property in Snowstorms

Every year, we get calls from clients who have discovered that their trees were not ready for winter storms. Heavy snows break branches, which then fall on cars, homes, and other property. A lot of this damage is preventable using proper tree trimming techniques. Protect Your Property – Tree Trimming Before the Storm Utah homeowners know that the snow here … Read More