Milling and Why It’s Important That We Reuse the Tree Waste

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Milled White Ash

Milling refers to the process of using a specialized tool to cut away wood in a rotary motion. Usually, a saw is used to mill wood. This can be done during tree stump removal, when your stump removal services expert will cut timber into various lengths of lumber, planks, or other wood items. Earlier, mills were powered through any available … Read More

5 Ways to Repurpose Wood Scraps After Tree Removal

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Once tree trimming or removal in your backyard is complete, you’re bound to be left with twigs, dead leaves and branches, and scraps of wood. If you’re like most people in Utah, you probably discard them or simply leave them to pile up in the corner of your yard or garage. But you can actually put these wood scraps to good … Read More

7 Essential Aerial Lift Safety Tips You Should Remember

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Ariel lift safety tips

Owning a home in Utah brings with it several responsibilities. Maintaining your landscape through proper tree care, trimming, and tree removal is among the chief ones to ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your property.  While some homeowners handle landscape maintenance themselves, it’s important to realize that tree trimming can be hazardous and exhausting. It’s always a good idea … Read More

Winter Tree Removals: 4 Benefits and Tips You Can’t Ignore 

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Do you have a damaged, diseased, or unsightly tree in your yard that you want gone? Like most homeowners, you’re probably waiting for spring or summer to call for help.  Sure, it’s tough to work outdoors in cold weather (especially given the amount of snow Utah gets). But contrary to popular belief, it is possible to remove trees in the … Read More

How Do You Measure The Height of A Tree in Your Backyard?

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Trees add a curb appeal to your property, whether a house or an office building. They can also help you save energy. Carefully positioned trees can reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 25%, saving $100 to $250 in energy costs annually. But the trees need to be healthy. And one of the signs of healthy trees … Read More

5 Winterizing Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy Through the Cold Season

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Trees and shrubs have life cycles through seasons, where they need to get a certain amount of nutrition and rest to grow well. When it comes to the winter season, most trees experience what is called a dormancy period. In simple words, it’s a time for rest or “sleep” for trees. The amount and quality of sleep they get is … Read More

6 Tips to Help Keep Your Trees Disease-Free

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Utah homeowners love having lush, green trees in their yard. Healthy trees not only add beauty to an outdoor area, they also provide shade, oxygen, food, among other things.   However, anyone with a yard will agree that keeping trees healthy is no mean task. It requires timely and foolproof preventive measures. As an experienced tree service company, we know … Read More

What Does a Commercial Tree Services Provider Do?

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Besides being indispensable for the environment, trees are also a landscaping staple for Utah homeowners. Nothing makes your home stand out like a gracefully planted row of lush green trees. Plus, trees provide cooling shade in the summer, prevent soil erosion, and even help reduce your HVAC costs. However, growing healthy and attractive trees involves a lot more than simply … Read More

6 Great Tips for Making Your Trees Grow Faster

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Layton Tree Maintenance

Tall, bushy, and luxurious trees can take any landscape up a notch. Imagine opening your windows to a lush green view every morning! The perks don’t end there. Aesthetics aside, trees also: Improve the air quality around your home Provide shade Protect your home from wind damage Keep your home hidden from prying eyes Prevent soil erosion caused by rain … Read More