8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Tree Company

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Trees offer many environmental benefits. They give off the oxygen we need, reduce soil erosion and pollution, and provide shelter to wildlife. But when planted around the house, they offer a direct benefit, ENERGY SAVINGS.

Just 17% of shade over your house during the day can translate into a savings of 10 dollars a month on your power bill. Moreover, increasing the hade to 50% will decrease your power bill by an additional $20 per month.

While trees bring plenty of benefits, they can also be a safety hazard. Overgrown and weak tree branches can damage your property and even injure people and pets. You will need to keep your trees trimmed and clean. That’s where a professional tree company comes in.

8 Reasons of Hiring a Professional Tree company

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional tree company.

1) It’s Not a DIY Job

You look at an overgrown tree and probably think of trimming it yourself. But that’s a mistake. Not every tree trimming job is a DIY. Trimming or pruning is often harder than it looks. For starters, you could turn it into a lopsided and unpleasing tree. You definitely don’t want that in your front yard.

But most importantly, you could end up hurting yourself or others. Large trees require you to climb a ladder while trimming. You will also need tools like pole tree pruners, loppers, and chainsaws. It takes some getting used to when handling these tools. Unless you have done this before, you could risk falling off the ladder or injuring yourself.

That’s why you are better off hiring a tree removal company for the job. They know how to get the job done in less time.

2) Avoid Damaging Your Property

The branches may fall down on your property when trimming a tree. Usually, large ranches will take weaker and small ones with them when falling. If they end up on your property, you will have a broken roof, windows, and walls. We have seen too many DIY projects facing this fate.

If you want to avoid property damage, rope in professionals. A tree company knows the risks involved in trimming a tree located close to your house. They will plan the entire process, minimizing the potential property damage.

3) Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Another reason to hire a tree removal company is the equipment. Professionals have all the equipment required for trimming, pruning, and stump removal. On the other hand, you may have nothing more than a chain saw or even a pole saw in your tool shed. And you are unlikely to have heavy-duty tools like a stump grinder and a crane.

When you call a tree company, they will inspect your property first. Next, they will determine what tools the job requires. But most importantly, they know how to use these tools and get the best results.

4) Ton of Experience and Knowledge

Every tree trimming or pruning job is different. You have to study the local weather conditions, the job site (your property), and the size and location of the trees. A tree trimming services company will have an experienced team trained to inspect the job site properly.

They will check all the factors twice before getting on the ladder. As a DIYer, you are less likely to know the safest places to cut down the branches. But professionals will know when and where to start.

5) Ensures Safety

Tree care and removal is not an easy task. Climbing a ladder or using a chainsaw can be dangerous. It can lead to fatal injuries and property damage. You don’t want to put your loved ones and bystanders in danger when pruning a tree in your backyard. That’s what a tree service company can help you avoid.

They follow the safety guidelines laid down by OSHA for tree care and removal operations. Plus, they are experts at spotting hazards. The most common safety hazard is a power line within 10 feet of your trees. Trimming a tree closer to the power lines requires extra precaution. A tree removal company knows how to handle the potential safety risks.

Moreover, trained eyes can quickly spot tree branches that appear perfectly fine from the outside but rotten from the inside. These branches can snap under pressure, making them a significant safety risk. But professionals will remove such branches first, paving the way for safe tree trimming and pruning.

A professional tree company will carry insurance to cover the accidental property damage. Your home insurance policy may not have this cover. This protects you from paying for a damaged roof or a broken window frame.

6) Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

It is also necessary to clean the surrounding area after pruning, trimming, or felling a tree. A large tree trunk can obstruct your driveway or footpath. Also, the cut branches and twigs are a tripping hazard. You will need to clean up your property as soon as possible.

A tree service company will clean everything up, from large trunks to twigs and dead leaves. With your property spotless, you don’t have to worry about your children or loved ones tripping over fallen branches.

7) A Healthy Boost for Your Tree

When done correctly, tree pruning promotes growth. With the dying, weak branches gone, the tree can divert water and nutrients to the healthy ones. As a result, you will see new growth around the cuts. That’s why hiring a tree company can give your tree a healthy boost.

8) Get Help with Stump Grinding and More

tree company can also offer services like emergency tree removal and stump grinding or removal. These services require trained experts and the right set of equipment. For example, if you want to remove a stump, they will provide you with a skilled crew and a stump grinder. That makes the job easier.

In Conclusion

Tress will make your property look beautiful and earthy. However, you can have only healthy trees around your house. A weak or dying tree is a serious safety hazard for people, pets, and the property. Hiring a professional tree company makes it easier to remove dangerous and overgrown trees safely and efficiently. Hopefully, these eight reasons will help you make an informed decision.

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