Trees are crucial to our environment. But sometimes, they need to be removed to improve safety or reduce the risk of disease. Let’s learn about the different types of tree removal.

Tree Removal Using Aerial Lift


In this safe and quick method, you need to reach the tree top and cut down the branches one by one. It’s best to hire a professional tree and stump removal company to do this.

Types of  Aerial Lifts

Mobile, flexible, and safe-to-use, this lift work best on flat surfaces where you travel straight up and down. It comes with a large platform that’s protected by railings.

Scissor Lift

Boom Lift

This one’s more flexible compared to a scissor lift, and allows you to reach high places as well as perilous areas. It’s considered most suitable for tree removal.

Tree Removal Using Crane

A tree crane is specialized ground equipment used to reach taller trees and otherwise inaccessible areas. It should be operated only by a trained crew member.


This tree removal method entails climbing a tree using a ladder or a rope and cutting down branches. However, a DIY job involves a considerable risk of injury.

Tree Removal by Climbing


Uprooting and Replanting a Tree


This method involves removing the tree from the ground, keeping the roots intact, and quickly replanting it in a safe and conducive environment. The process needs prior planning.

This is necessary when a tree poses an imminent threat to people, property, and vehicles. Tree removal experts will inspect the tree thoroughly before going ahead with the removal.

Emergency Tree Removal


Tree Removal Experts

Licensed and Insured!

Tree removal is not easy. It’s best to engage an experienced tree removal company to complete the task safely.

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