How to Protect Trees in Summer

Are you wondering if it's time to trim your trees? In this web story, we'll explore reasons why spring is the best time for tree trimming. We'll show you the benefits of regular tree maintenance.

Here Are the Important Tips on Protecting Your Trees in Summer

Thoroughly water in a new tree

Young/new trees need more water than old ones as they’re in the growth stage. The lack of water can have serious implications on the soil’s moisture levels, directly affecting your trees’ health. So, do water thoroughly!

Assess your soil drainage

Ensuring sufficient watering isn’t enough, you also need to assess the soil’s drainage. If it drains quickly, you’ll have to water your trees more frequently. A local tree company can help you understand this better.

Estimate water needs and set a schedule

Make sure you don’t over-water your trees. Remember, different species of trees have different watering needs at different intervals. If you aren’t sure about the watering needs and schedule, consult a tree care expert.

Mulch around the tree

Mulching is a must when it comes to protecting the trees in your yard. Layering the soil with the right amount of mulch will help with moisture retention. It will also provide the much-needed insulation from the hot sun.

Avoid unneeded pruning

Properly pruned trees tend to be healthier than those that aren’t. It involves removing unnecessary or harmful plant material, leaving behind only the healthy parts. Strong trees are more likely to survive the hot sun.

Get help from the experts

As mentioned, different tree species have different needs. If you’re new to having them in your yard or aren’t sure how to keep them in good shape all year round, connect with experienced tree care service providers.

Every season poses different threats to trees. Summer is no different – it comes with its own set of challenges. However, with a tree care service provider like Utah Tree Co. in your corner, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Call us right away!


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