Paint Your Home With Holiday Lights

Not only do we do tree work, but Utah Tree Co. offers holiday lighting, installation, and maintenance.

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Professionally installed by our experienced crew.

You Stay Safe

We  get on the roof for you. We love climbing trees - and roofs - and know how to stay safe.

Clean Look

We will custom fit C9 bulbs to fit your house; this means no excess lighting and a clean, crisp look!


All bulbs are LED, meaning very low electricity usage, and long bulb life.

We Do it All

No climbing ladders, no purchasing materials, no detangling lights! 
Utah Home Light Installation

Holiday Cheer for your neighborhood.

During the holiday season, most everyone–big and small–are a little happier, kinder and in a celebratory mood. What better way to express those all-around good feelings than to decorate your home in Christmas lights. Your home decorated in lights can truly make the spirit of the holidays come to life.

Just think about the well-lit roofline of your residence, the impressive Christmas tree inside, floating tree lights outside and all the splendid holiday decorations like snowflakes, wreaths, garland and bows.

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Trevor and his crew did such a great job on our house. Loving the holiday cheer it brings to our Christmas decor!